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Mental Health FAQs : The first step towards happiness

Q : Why should I worry about my mental health? I am a perfectly normal person!
A : The words 'perfect' and 'normal' are two of the most difficult words to define. None of us are perfect. And having problems of the mind is quite natural – anxiety, loneliness, depression, sadness, anger, resentment. These are all normal human responses. It’s the ability to manage them and restricting them to impact our activities in our day to day life as well as impact our life decisions which are in question. Think of it this way - even a physically fit person can catch a cold or fever which needs to be taken care of. Similarly, an otherwise 'normal' individual can also have some problems with his/her mental health that needs an equal amount of attention.
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Q : Is being mentally healthy the same as being spiritually aware?
A : This is a difficult question to answer. In a very broad sense, yes they are the same.
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Q : Why do people complain so much about high levels of stress these days?
A : Because its a real problem in today's world. If you are experiencing it, acknowledge that the problem exists and try to figure out how you can deal with it.
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Q : How can I check my own stress level?
A : Thats very easy to do. Find a clean and quiet place in your house. Sit down and close your eyes for a few minutes. How do you feel? If your mind feels like a busy expressway with thoughts zipping by, it means your stress levels are high. If it feels like a beautiful island with a serene beach and greenery around, you are in the best of spirits!

Q : I checked my stress level and found it to be quite high. What can I do about it?
A : Congratulations! You have taken the first step of acknowledging it. Calm down. Slow down. Take it easy!
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Q : I have done very poorly in my exams and am afraid of failing in the course. Is there any hope for me in this life?
A : Like acing a course does not guarantee success in life, failing does not guarantee a doomed career either. Whats important is to carefully analyse our failures and learn from them. Remember – Failure is the stepping stone to success.
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Q : I just had a break-up and am feeling very low. How do I handle this situation?
A : Feeling low right after a break up is the most natural human reaction. Acknowledge that you lost something nice. But, remember that your life is even more precious to keep dwelling on it. Think about only the good memories you had. It will keep you positive! Become more social. Loneliness can be devastating in these situations. Go out and help people. Serving others can instantly bring gladness to the heart! Travel! Take up new activities. These things will help you uplift the mood. Don’t hate the other person! They have made a life decision. It is important to acknowledge that and move on. Pursue something that you are even more passionate about.

Q : How do I find someone who can love me and whom I can love in return?
A : Love is a very difficult thing to define. It may be that there are already people who love you a lot but you are not able to feel their love. Instead of love, look for friendship. Its much easier to find and is much more gratifying!
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Q : I know that life is not a bed of roses. But I still can't live with thorns. Is there a solution?
A : No, there is no solution to this. As Bill Gates once said, "Life is not fair - get used to it."

Q : If I have any problems with my mental health, where can I get professional help?
A : The first step is to talk to a friend who is physically present with you. Here are some very useful links for professional help:

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